Utility Hatch Gasket

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Replacement hatch gasket to the discontinued Utility TEMPRESS Hatches. One complete measured and glued neoprene/EPDM blend gasket replaces factory installed gasket.

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Warranty: 1 Year

1115 - 70060 - 39’’ L

1323 - 70061 - 62’’ L

1330 - 70062 - 76’’ L

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Q: There are two types of gaskets, which is best for my hatch?

If you have a discontinued TEMPRESS Utility hatch (diamond shaped non skid patterns on the top of the lid) then you will want our Utility gasket in the respective size needed.

Q: How thick are the Utility Gaskets?

The Utility gaskets have a square shape and are approximately 1/3 x 1/4 inches thick.

Q: Can I return it if it does not fit?

As long as it is still in new condition and you are within our return policy (to locate return policy see FAQ on the top of the page and chose Shipping and Returns) or click on the link below.

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