1323 - 1330 Utility Hinge Pair

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Replacement Utility Hinge for 1323 & 1330 Utility Hatch, replaces all Utility hinges for all 1323 & 1330 Utility Hatches produced to date.

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Warranty: 1 Year

2 1/8" W X 3/8" H X 13/16" L

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Q: Which Hatches will these replacement hinges fit?

These replacement hinges are only for our discontinued Utility hatches and will not fit onto our current model Cam or Slam hatches.

Q: Are there replacement hinges for your current model hatches?

The hinges on our current model hatches are not removable and therefore cannot be sold as a separate or replacement part.

Q: Do you have the Utility Hinge pair available in any other colors?

We have only the colors that are listed.

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