Combining Comfort With Support For Longer Days On The Water

Tempress ProBax® Seat


We've teamed up with leading US Spinal Surgeons and Ergonomic Experts to create the revolutionary Tempress ProBax® seat. Now you can enjoy a full day on the water without the fear of back pain.

Better Flow

Improves blood and oxygen flow by providing optimal upper-body support.

More Support

Our design provides support high on the seat, easing neck and back pain.

Tempress ProBax® Seat Heatmap Choppy waters can increase pressure on your lower back which means a painful day on the water. ProBax® seats are designed to distribute the pressure evenly and encourage correct posture helping your body flow with the current so you can have a successful outing on the boat. 

Poor Posture vs. Good Posture Example

Poor Posture puts strain

on your body

Sitting slumped over for extended periods of time can lead to fatigue, pain, and headaches. Poor posture can take the fun out of fishing. Our ProBax® seats make it easy to maintain good posture while fishing. 

Tempress ProBax® Seat Close up

Resilient Design

Our durable, water resistant dual core foam support system is sewn with UV and abrasion-resistant polyester thread covered in 30-oz. marine-grade vinyl to stand up to all the elements. The superior design enables our seats to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Rain or shine, salt-water or freshwater, the Tempress ProBax® seats will last for years to come.

Easy Installation

A universal seat boat pattern has been molded into the frame of every ProBax® seat. This frame will accept any 5-¼” mounting system or pedestal making installation of your seats a breeze. Each seat includes a stainless steel mounting hardware with Loctite patch.

Tempress Seat Mounting Chart
Tempress ProBax® Artist Series

Own Your Style

We’ve partnered with premier artists to create a specialty series of boat seats to help customize your boating experience. Hit the water in style with our limited ProBax® Artist Series.

USA Flag

Made Right Here in the USA

We've been making boat seats and high quality marine products in the United States since 1972. we won't compromise your quality for our bottom line. 

Free Shipping

We're offering free shipping on all of our ProBax® seats for a limited time.