Winter Care For Your Boat Seats

TEMPRESS boat seats are built to withstand the environmental elements such as heat, cold, rain, and UV. People choose TEMPRESS because our seats are American-made, reliable, comfortable, and durable.

Winterizing Your Boat Seat

We recommend wiping your seats down after every use to reduce build-up; but during the winter it’s time to give them a deep clean. Depending on how dirty your seats are, a simple 1:1 mix of mild soap and water will do. Simply clean the seats with soap and water, rinse with clean water, and dry.

For tougher stains, you can use a concentrated cleaner like Formula 409® or Fantastik® to clean, rinse with water, and dry. For a more detailed care guide provided by our vendor, check this out. Make sure to rinse off any cleaner you choose with water as the chemicals can cause severe damage when left on for long periods of time.

TEMPRESS ProBaxCheck For Damage

After you have cleaned your seats, we recommend you take a minute to scan your seats for any tears in the material, blemishes on the sub-straights, and confirm that the mounting hardware is still locked in tight. Depending on the damage it might be time to replace your boat seats or just look to replace a specific part like a boat seat cushion or a boat seat shell.

Dry Off Everything

Moisture can cause mildew and mold and that’s the last thing you want to deal with in the spring. Use a dry towel to wipe down all the seats after cleaning. If you plan on covering your boat for the winter then air dry your seats for 30 – 60 minutes before you place the cover on. This will help ensure that all the seams have a chance to dry out before they are locked away for the winter.

Cover Your Seats

We all know how important it is to cover your boat for the winter and for an extra layer of protection we recommend covering your seats as well. It is essential to have seat covers for those boat owners that keep their boats outside and turned over. The seat cover must fit snug over the main body of the seat to protect the upholstery from the elements and to also have an open area at the bottom to ensure air flow while being out of service.

We know you have numerous choices when it comes to choosing the right boat seat and cover. To see other tips and learn more about TEMPRESS, please visit our website.