Why Are We Exhausted After a Day On The Boat?

Nothing beats a long day on the water until the moment comes when you take those first few steps onto the dock and your whole body says, “UGH!” Yes, you could blame this on a FISH-ON story where you horsed in monster after monster, but the reasons are probably more basic and likely preventable.

Take a moment to do a quick mental scan of your boat, then understand that one of those reasons could be your boat seat. Most of us don’t associate sitting with fatigue, but there is actually a direct connection between what you sit in, your fatigue levels, and pain in your back.

When you sit in a poorly designed seat your body falls out of alignment, then blood and oxygen flow is compromised, leaving your body vulnerable to fatigue. Couple that fatigue with typical fishing activities and you will most certainly suffer from back pain.

Back pain is second only to the common cold as the most popular reason people visit the doctor.

Over 26 million Americans experience frequent back pain with direct medical and associated costs exceeding $100 billion annually.

Sitting with proper posture can be difficult and not always top of mind. However, proper posture is the #1 expert recommendation to relieve back pain and TEMPRESS knows this.

TEMPRESS has teamed up with leading US spinal surgeons and ergonomic experts to create a seat that does the thinking for you. Don’t put yourself or your back in harm’s way any longer. All seats are NOT built the same and most are designed with only aesthetics in mind.

ProBax Orthopedic Series

The TEMPRESS ProBax Series of boat seats defines proper posture by encouraging better blood flow while alleviating the pressure on your lower back. They have developed this new seating system that has been clinically proven to provide optimal support over an extended period of time.

Sitting in the ProBax over a standard seat will improve your blood and oxygen flow which will make you more alert, better aligned, and at a reduced risk of back pain.

Start enjoying longer days on the water with TEMPRESS ProBax Series boat seats.