TEMPRESS is proud that our products are made right here in the USA. To be more exact, they are manufactured and distributed from our headquarters in Dallas, TX.

A lot of manufacturers moved their operations to cut costs which inadvertently affects product safety, quality, and more. Here’s 6 reasons why we make our products in the USA.

1. Safer Products

Products made in the USA sometimes have a higher price tag. That higher price tag is paying for American quality products that are safer under consumer protection laws.

While these laws and safety standards can be tedious, it truly does guarantee a safe product for our customers. We go a step further with safety for our customers as our boat seats have passed ABYC testing. (link to ABYC post)

2. Better Craftsmanship

Each seat built by TEMPRESS utilizes high grade components and patented substrates for optimal support and stability. The high quality marine grade vinyl we use provides UV stability for a long-lasting seat in the harsh sun.

The cutting and sewing techniques we use are better for the consumer as they increase the lifetime of our boat seats. We can guarantee quality craftsmanship with each seat because they are being manufactured 100 feet from our offices.

3. Made For Fishermen, By Fishermen

CEO, Mark Lozelle, grew up fishing as well as most of the employees at TEMPRESS. Because of this, we areconstantly testing our products when we’re out on the water. When we see issues with prototypes, we fix it. We are more than just an American manufacturing facility being told what to produce at a target price point. We know what anglers are looking for to make their fishing adventures a success.

4. Promote American Jobs

Manufacturing and distributing our products in Dallas, TX takes a lot of work. TEMPRESS employs 32 talented and skilled individuals who ensure we offer the best of the best for our customers.

We are proud that many of our TEMPRESS employees have been dedicated for 10+ years in upholding our commitment to made in the USA products.

We value our employees and as we continue to grow so will our charge towards promoting American jobs.

5. Support The American Economy

Supporting TEMPRESS products means your putting money directly into the American economy. Growth in manufacturing means more investment opportunities. When American companies grow, they hire American construction firms to build bigger buildings.

They hire American marketing companies to promote their products and American security firms to protect their customers. The list goes on!

6. Safe Environment For Our Workers

OSHA was created to guarantee a safe working environment for American workers. When jobs are sent overseas, workers aren’t guaranteed the same rights and are not held to the same safety standards. Without our employees, we wouldn’t be able to build superior marine products. It’s important our employees feel safe and are able to come to work every week without fear of injury.

Made In The USA

Even though we have a few more I’s to dot and T’s to cross, it’s all worth it. Every time someone purchases a TEMPRESS product, we know they are purchasing a high quality, safe, and long-lasting product.

Thank you to our customers for buying TEMPRESS products made in the USA.