Boat Seats Are Not Created Equal

Finding the perfect seat for your boat, your back, and your rear can be difficult when every company claims to be the best. When money is tight, it’s easy to lean toward a cheaper option. Cheaper boat seats are able to mimic the style of high-end seats and at first glance, they seem like the perfect option.

In the long-run, cheaper seats are made of low-quality materials which means you’ll be replacing them after a year. Low-end boat seats wear out easily because they are not made of marine-grade vinyl which prevents mildew. They also use substandard materials that fade in the sun and get destroyed at the sight of saltwater.

American Made Boat Seats

TEMPRESS boat seats are made of heavy, marine-grade vinyl and built for freshwater and saltwater. Once you purchase a TEMPRESS boat seat, it’ll be awhile before you need to purchase another. It’s a wonder why we made such a high-quality seat!

Low-end and even high-end boat seats are able to cut costs by manufacturing their seats overseas. Products made overseas are not held to the same quality standards American-made products are. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has set standards for products made in America to have a certain level of quality and safety when being manufactured and then sold. Several boat seats you can purchase online or at retail are not made in America so it’s hard to have peace of mind when quality control isn’t guaranteed.

Not only are TEMPRESS boat seats made for fishermen by fishermen but they are proudly manufactured and distributed in Dallas, TX. All TEMPRESS fold-down seats and Helm seats have passed the ABYC standards which set high safety standards for the design, construction, and repair of marine products. We hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to boat seats and we know how important a long-lasting, quality boat seat is. When you purchase a boat seat from TEMPRESS, you’re guaranteed a stylish, durable, comfortable, and safe boat seat.