3 Ways You Can Catch More Walleye

I have been pursuing my passion of the outdoors my entire life. Growing up on Pewaukee Lake in Wisconsin, I got my fair taste of the outdoors but also competitive angling. As a touring Walleye veteran, I have achieved the most prestigious titles in the sport.

Hard work has played a huge role in my success but one of the common denominators in the path to capturing these titles has been, Fish-On!® rod holders.  Your rod, bait, and jig are very important but many times anglers overlook the importance of a rod holder. That is a mistake! I have outfitted over 20 Walleye boats with Fish-On!®  and there are 3 reasons why:

 1. Strength & Durability

First and foremost, their strength and durability is incredible in a plastic rod holder.  In Walleye fishing, leadcore trolling is very popular. This technique requires a rod holder that can withstand the shock of a no stretch line.  This means that trees, rocks, and other underwater snags will tax even the best rod holder. In 20 plus years I have never broken one of my Fish-On!® rod holders.

 2. Noise Level

If you want to put more fish in the boat you need to pay attention to your noise level.  Walleye are extremely spooky fish and often times shallow water trolling is required. There is not another rod holder available that is as quiet as the original Fish-On!® rod holder.  One of the keys to trolling is being diligent about checking and adjusting lines. This can be a very noisy process with many other brands. With Fish-On!® rod holders, they hardly make a peep.

I’m also constantly adjusting the angle of my rod holder. The 360 degrees of horizontal adjustment, and 90 degrees of vertical give me the flexibility to get my lures in the right spot quickly and quietly.  

 3. Quality

Anglers can tie up quite a bit of cash in their rod and reel combos.  For myself it is very important to protect that investment. I’d rather buy something that will last for more than one season than save a few dollars. Not only do I want a long-lasting rod holder but also one that protects my other expensive gear. With my Fish-On!®, I never need to worry about slicing rod butts or knocking the paint off of my trolling reels.  


The installation of a Fish-On!® rod holder is simple so if you’re ready to start trolling for more Walleye check out this tutorial. Whether you are mounting our Fish-On!® rod holders directly to your gunnel or on a 1” rail, TEMPRESS has optional rod holder mounts to match your fishing style.

Tommy Kemos Bio: Tommy Kemos was the 2005 Professional Walleye Trail (PWT) Eastern Division champion, 2006 PWT Championship winner as well as PWT Optima Top Gun. He also was the 2007 Masters Walleye Circuit Green Bay champion. In 2011, he ranked 5th in the Angler of the Year points on the FLW Walleye Tour. His favorite fishing holes are Winnebago lake, Green Bay, Lake Oahe, Devil’s Lake, and the Mississippi River. He plans to create a lot of memories with his wife and daughter on these lakes and rivers in the years to come!