3 Things To Consider When Upgrading Your Boat Seats

It may not be time to buy a new boat but maybe it’s time to think about new seats. Replacing your outdated, torn, and dull seats can instantly enhance the look of your boat as well as your overall experience while on it. Not only will your boat look better but your back will instantly thank you.

Old boat seats mean less support for your back and shorter days on the water. When checking your current boat seat setup, it’s important to consider these three things:


Has the color of your seats started to fade and crack? Is the style outdated? When looking at your current boat seats, it’s important to note if the color isn’t matching the rest of the interior.

The style continuity of your boat can affect the resale value. Our limited, ProBax Artist Series seats offer a wide variety of modern and sleek designs that will instantly upgrade dull, faded seats.

BOAT SEAT Durability

Poorly made boat seats aren’t able to withstand freshwater and saltwater so they tend to get black mildew spots even if you clean them after every outing. Not only will they get spotty but they also might start fraying at the seams because of other harsh weather conditions such as wind.

Buying a boat seat that is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions as well as freshwater and saltwater is important if you don’t want to buy new seats every year. Look for the words, “Marine Grade Vinyl” when shopping. These seats are more durable, easy to clean, and mildew resistant. Since boaters spend hours on the water with the sun pounding down on their equipment, finding a boat seat that is protected from those harsh rays is critical.

TEMPRESS ProBax Series seats are sewn with UV and abrasion-resistant polyester thread to help prevent the color from fading and are made with marine grade vinyl.

Good seats are also assembled with corrosion resistant materials. Lower-end seats tend to use cost-effective materials meaning rust and premature corrosion is imminent. Seats that use stainless steel or aluminum tubing might be more expensive initially; but are smart, practical, long-term investments in the long run.

All TEMPRESS boat seats have met ABYC standards making them not only durable but safe for the people sitting in them.


If you can’t go a whole day on the boat without your back aching, it’s probably time to upgrade those boat seats. The last, but most important thing to look for in a boat seat is the comfort factor. A lot of people tend to overlook this part and sacrifice comfort for price. But is it worth it?

Boaters and anglers are prone to back pain because they sit for prolonged periods of time. While many anglers tend to just deal with the pain, it’s important to note that poor posture can lead to chronic back pain. If you’re already suffering from chronic back pain, spend the few extra dollars to get a seat that provides comfort and back support. TEMPRESS ProBax Series seats are the only, clinically tested boat seats that provide optimal support. With the help of US leading spinal surgeons and ergonomic experts, TEMPRESS has created a seat that doesn’t just encourage proper support – it defines proper support!

Updating your boat with some fresh, new seats can be an exciting purchase. While there are many things to consider, knowing style, quality, and comfort factors will get you started in the right direction. Take a look at our selection of ProBax Series seats as you won’t need to sacrifice comfort, style, or durability. And ask yourself, how does your current seating arrangement stack up?