X – Navistyle Series Seating


The Navistyle™ Series seat is the perfect blend of ergonomic comfort, craftsmanship and styling. The thick, molded foam base and back is covered in 30 oz. marine grade vinyl, provides lumbar support and the tapered sides allow for lateral movement desired by active users.  The Navistyle™ Series also features our patented “no-pinch” hinge with automatic locking adjustment to secure the seat in the folded position while running or trailering.  The injection molded polypropylene seat shells provide added durability to ensure long lasting comfort. The Navistyle™ Series will fit most standard seat pedestals, swivels and slides and is available in both High-Back and Low-Back styles. Shop Navistyle™ Seats


Tempress standards for product innovation really show in the Navistyle™ Series. An injection molded, clamshell frame makes up the foundation of the seat, without exclusive “no-pinch” hinge (right), and our unique StylePanels (left).

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