Question: What type of mount is necessary for the Elite™ Helm Seat?
Answer: The Elite™ Helm Seat has a 5″ x 12″ bolt pattern and is designed to be mounted on a fore & aft slide for proper support.


Question: Can I buy replacement cushions for the Elite™ or NaviStyle™ series seats?
Answer: No, unfortunately, these cushions are not sold as replacements.


Question: How can I tell if I have an All-Weather™ High-Back or Low-Back Seat?
Answer: Check the seat back length – See below
“High Back”
1) In the folded position, the backrest and seat are the same length.


2) The bottom seat cushion slides onto the seat shell (such as a pillowcase) and snaps to the back underside.


1) In the folded position, the backrest is approximately 1 3/4 inches shorter than the seat.


2) The bottom seat cushion snaps directly to the top of the seat shell in front and snaps to the back underside.


Question: Are all TEMPRESS Seats saltwater proof?
Answer: Yes, all TEMPRESS Seats will stand up in a saltwater environment. All TEMPRESS Seats are manufactured with polypropylene plastic shells and 28-30oz marine grade foam and vinyl with stainless steel screws and rivets where necessary.


Question: How do I install the TEMPRESS 5pc Deluxe Bench Seat?
Answer: The TEMPRESS 5pc Deluxe Bench Seat is manufactured to be a DIY (Do It Yourself) project. Each panel of our Deluxe Bench Seat is manufactured with a 1/2 inch black plastic base which is universal for easy installation in a wide variety of configurations. You can simply line up the seats where you want them and attach them using the appropriate hardware for your boat. Hardware can be purchased at your local marine store. The seats can be bolted directly to the preferred surface, the seat bottoms from underneath and the seat backs from behind. Or, the seat bottoms can be attached using hinges for storage underneath and the seat backs can be attached using brackets. For more ideas or help with the installation process, you may want to visit your local boat builder or dealer for assistance.


Question: What is the difference between the regular TEMPRESS Seats and the Saltwater Series?
Answer: The term “Saltwater Series” specifically relates to the color pattern of the seat (predominantly white in color). All TEMPRESS Seats are made with 28-30oz marine grade UV stable vinyl which will stand up to both a freshwater and a saltwater environment.


Question: What kind of mount can I use with TEMPRESS Seats?
Answer: All TEMPRESS Seats will mount to most standard seat swivel or slide with the built-in stainless steel t-nuts and included stainless steel mounting hardware. The TEMPRESS Quick Disconnect Mounting Kit is only compatible with the TEMPRESS All-Weather™ Series and the Deluxe Profile Seats. Afore & aft slide must be used with the TEMPRESS Captain’s Series Elite™ Helm Seats.


Question: Is the NaviStyle™ Seat compatible with the Quick Disconnect Mounting Kit?
Answer: No, the NaviStyle™ Seat is not compatible with the Quick Disconnect Mounting Kit. Due to the style of the seat, the NaviStyle™ Seat is manufactured with a smaller bottom plate than other TEMPRESS Seats. This smaller plate does not have the width/length needed for the Quick Disconnect Kit.


Question: Which seats can I use the Quick Disconnect Kit with?
Answer: The TEMPRESS All-Weather™ and Profile™ Guide Series seats are all compatible with the Quick Disconnect Kit.


Question: How do I mount the Quick Disconnect to my TEMPRESS Seat?
1) Attach the Release Lock (butterfly-shaped locking mechanism) to the bottom of the plastic seat shell. Place the 2 holes in the Release over the 2 bosses (small plastic posts) located in the back center of the seat bottom. The “butterfly wings” must be facing towards the front of the seat with the 2 horizontal notches facing down away from the seat and the 1 vertical notch facing up towards the seat bottom. Attach the Release with the supplied screws.


2) Attach the Adapter Plate (horseshoe) to the bottom of the plastic seat shell. The opening of the “horseshoe” must be facing the back of the seat with the wording and the raised ridge of the Adapter facing down away from the seat. Slide the 2 bosses (small plastic posts) located on the ends of the Adapter into the appropriate holes on the seat bottom. The screw holes of the Adapter should match up with the screw holes in the seat. The ends of the “horseshoe” should just cover the tips of the “butterfly wings” of the Release Lock. Attach the Adapter with the supplied screws.


3) Attach the Mount (hockey puck) to the desired surface in the boat
using appropriate hardware and installation technique for your boat
(hardware not included; can be purchased at your local marine store).


FOR USE: Slide seat onto mount (back to front)
FOR RELEASE: Press Release Lock (wings) against seat bottom and pull seat forward away from mount


Question: How do you recommend cleaning vinyl?
Manufacturers Care and Cleaning Tips For Morbern Vinyl: In general, most common stains can be cleaned using warm, soapy water and clear water rinses. Moderate scrubbing with a medium bristle brush will help loosen soiling materials from the depressions of embossed surfaces. For more stubborn stains, use Formula 409* commercially available mild detergent in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Full strength rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits may be tried cautiously as a last resort on very stubborn stains if the above suggestions do not work. Indiscriminate use of any solvent, or solvent containing cleaner, can severely damage or discolor vinyl.
Note: Detergent should never be used on a regular or repeated basis for normal cleaning. Morbern recommends repeated rinsing with clear water after any cleaning procedure.


When opening a new container, please test the cleaner in an inconspicuous area as cleaner manufacturers may change formula without notice.
Morbern nor TEMPRESS cannot be responsible when unknown changes are made by the manufacturer of the cleaner to their formulations between our 6-month verification intervals


Caution: Exercise care as these solvents are flammable. Use only small quantities of solvents and keep clear of any sources of ignition. Wear protective gloves and ensure cleaning takes place in a well-ventilated area.


Question: What kind of vinyl does TEMPRESS use?
Answer: Tempress uses marine-grade 30oz vinyl.


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