Deck Plates

Weather-tight deck plates feature a secure screw-out center, with o-ring seal and grooved flange bottom for bedding compound retention. Perfect for use where hose or electrical connections require frequent access.


Need Quick access to critical parts of your boat? The Tempress Hatch is the industry standard for below deck storage on any boat. All our hatches are designed for heavy traffic areas and will withstand people walking or standing on them.

LE ProBax Boat Seats

Maintaining proper posture on the water is not always top of mind so we teamed up with leading US Spinal Surgeons and Ergonomic Experts to create the revolutionary ProBax® seat. Now you can enjoy a full day on the water without the fear of back pain.

ProBax Captain’s Seat

Long Days on the water with friends and family can lead to long nights of back pain. Our patented ProBax® Captain’s Seat with Arms will protect your back so you can enjoy your day without worrying about restless nights.

Premium Boat Seat Cover

The new TEMPRESS Premium Boat Seat Cover will protect your investment in our best in class boat seats while sitting on the dock, or traveling to the next great adventure.